yo its okay
i'll make my way back
i'll go day and night
no fight i can't handle
wanted cuz im a vandal,
the only light to follow is the candle
thats in the window every step i take it
seems that i have to make another mile
go through life with a smile on my face
my heart started to race when i feel your touch
its what i miss so much its my adrenaline rush
the hush of the breeze makes me freeze i smell your scent
and just like that its gone it had to leave me in this hell
i fell from your grace i still love the way you taste
was it a waste of my time. Hell no it was the best times of
my life then you had to go and stab the knife
in my back now i lack the strength to go on
but then with the pen in my hand i manage
to take this challenge thats been given now i stand and move
my hand across the notepad oh so sad! ! ! ! !
look at me now what do you see? a new me and thats the
way its going to be. i have my one shot and i'm going
to take i know i'm going to make it. no i won't fake it
its all words out of my own mouth the truth is what is spit
there goes another hit so go and throw a fit in the corner
go and be the stoner that you are there still the scar that you left
now look at me what do you see.
its going to be okay
i'll make my way back
i'll go day and night
there ain't no fight i can't handle.
wanted cuz im a vandal.
so look in the mirror and fear your reflection
you led me to deception i made an exception
for you and what do you do you stab me in the back
you know you can't handle me. so you run and hide.

by lee bredeson

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holy! u know u really should just get over her. shes not worth your time. just letting u know that right? well its a good poem/rap? haha well done my friend.