WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Vanilla Skies

Inspired by events etched into memories relived subconsciously

Vanilla Skies
Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Wednesday, July 29,2015

Tasted a rainbow under vanilla skies
Mouthwatering tidbits treasured surprise
Heaven's door opened yonder holy glorifies
Delicious curves flavored blessed mine eyes

Trims tinted porcelain blue
Fresh as spring's first morning dew
Colors blended splendidly to my delight
Temping seductress I have to bite

Lips ruby-tender matching perfectly
As cool as September, if I remember correctly
To dive into waters so subtlety blue
Deviant behavior points to a picturesque view

Covered in layers my auburn revelation
Taut burrows of your warm sensation
Mystified eyes opened wide
All matters now I set aside

Slippery slopes spelunker slides
Entry to exit tasted all sides
Elation with vibrations entity hides
Ten furlongs the Jockey rides

Such the gentleman in the boat
Laying still on calm oceans I float
Nearer drawing closer to fainting
Brush strokes perpendicular whilst painting

Anchors away to sail on seven seas
Evermore thirsting, begging you, please
Seconds more to quench the roaring fire
For your pleasure is my desire

Therefore pounding surrounding the pickle
Sought-after nails to the back I tickle
Ruptured elation explodes the iron balloon
Drifting ever off to Nirvana courtesans spoon

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