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Vanished Voice
JLE (1/18/1962 / Alliance, Nebraska)

Vanished Voice

His striking features I recall,
but not the voice that spoke my name.
I cannot grasp his tone at all,
yet still I know it sparked a flame.

Remembering one special night;
seducing whispers brushed my ear.
He softly teased by candlelight;
those treasured words I long to hear.

I recollect his deep brown eyes,
that held me captive in a trance.
I know he hummed me lullabies
when I'd request a lovers' dance.

His accent gently stroked my heart
and led me straight to his embrace.
His calming melody would start
if tears of sorrow graced my face.

Although his voice escapes my mind
I still can feel his warmth within,
and crave the nights we left behind,
when songs of rapture would begin.

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