Vanishing Love

I'm still your loving partner
can't you wash away all your
wrath and resentments,
Try to understand my sentiments
I'm going crazy for just knowing
the reason,
the spring is about to go,
this is not the wrath season.
Come, come along with me
I'm still waiting for thee.
Let's go far away
where nobody reaches.
Remember, we are made for each other
from now I'll not make you bother.
Tell me what I've done?
Oh! those days you used to come.
Every time and everywhere I feel your absence.
Instead I lack your presence
I know you sure will come,
and become my chum.

by Mahfooz Ali

Comments (2)

very touching poem.....may you get your lover
Can feel the longing through your words....may you find or get that that 'someone' Preets