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Vanishing Point
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Vanishing Point

Poem By Jesse Weiner

in perspective, parallel lines appear
to converge, distant objects appear to
be smaller, closer objects are more distinct.
in linear perspective, things disappear.
they don't really disappear, parallel
lines don't really converge. they stay apart,
forever at a distance and never
do touch. they stare forever at each other,
clearly and distinctly, no matter how far
from the eye they get. an observer
gets it all wrong, lacks perspective.
using perspective, we try to understand
and get it wrong anyway. things seem
to converge and disappear. they go on.

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Comments (3)

perceptive about perspective
Jesse, Enjoyed this poem very much. Indeed we cannot trust our eyes they are great deceivers. Well done. Carol
I thought surely you were going to use the converging and disappearing thing as a terrific metaphor, and you sort of do at the end. Not bad, Jesse. I think you spent a little too much time on restating the literal aspects of perspective and almost no time on what could be the more interesting metaphoric aspects. But I kinda like the poem.