Vanishing Trails I - "Memories Of Tomorrow -1996"

Thou hast given a Cell - O glorious Earth-cell
With no reservations, for ample life to dwell
In hills and valleys, streams and seas
Trailing eternity, sowing life's seeds Somewhere deep in a dark heavens, in space and time
Cell's a speck holding life, so frail-yet so sublime
Is the mortal mind, as vast as the illimitable eternity
Ably plotting paths to outwit the expanse of infinity Cell's a restless refuge, guests come and go back
Stay not a vain parasite, justify the beaten track
Share your earthly surplus with poor who richly deserve
It's certainly not your privilege, uphold its preserve Mortal mind! Court not with Cell's desolation
Strengthen your forces, resolute conservation
Waken its latent winners, comfort the forsaken
Hearken folks! Walking thin ice, Perpetuity's broken I know this best, for I dwell, now, in desolation
An angel born of Zuliz, in Pegasus Constellation
Flight home in light years to reach your mortal soul
Thru rays that lowly emanate from Pegasus as a whole

by S. A. D. Subasinghe

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