Vanishing Trails Ii

Poem By S. A. D. Subasinghe

Body, mind and matter, universe, sun and planet
Eternally in dialogue, energy molded in cause and effect
How overlook the other, what's blended in substance
Captives of collective conditioning, that's coexistence Everything that's energy, cosmos in diffusion
Unfolding energy, life that's in evolution
Death that seems end's an eternal continuity
Of energy in fusion, cause and effect's ingenuity Man! Life's span averages thirty thousand days
Eat, sleep and work, chores spent in many ways
As humans in duty, unto self, planet and fellowman
Spent time's so trifling, out of one's life span. Oh man! Your life's spent with no content
Caretaker of the planet, you are in contempt
Out where the despair and the poor are aching
Out there the life, too, should be in the making Arms, armies and the greed, decimate life boldly
With power and politics, host the planet wisely
Man can not fix the world, fix its parts loosened
Then, man has fixed the world, not made it weakened

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