It's vanity for Rich to tell themselves they've earned their wealth,
It's vain as well for Poor to think such fools might help them out,
For rich deserving ‘gain' just proves the starving don't need ‘health, '
God's Justice, 'rich upon the poor' must be a fair handout!

But sinfulness can blind all men, and pundits can be wrong,
The new barn that you build to store your wealth could cost your soul, (1)
For standing on your own is never proof that you are strong,
Decisions can be dangerous if Mercy's not a goal.

What claim have you on virtue if religion's not a voice
Must listen too with open eyes, and taste with nascent heart,
If not from God, still men before you seek to know His choice,
Ignoring God AND man, you live a life that's short on art.

To lose the art of others, well I think that's loss indeed,
Imagination stretched can keep you limber in a pinch,
It's always art to see the world and visualize your need,
If not for you, then others who need you to be a mensch.

The fruit of vanity must always fall close to the tree,
The children poisoned likely ones their parents hoped to serve, (2)
The shameless look for meaning and find mediocrity,
So, change yourself not others if you ever get the nerve.

Long Tooth
July 28,2017

Poet's Notes:
(1) Luke 12: 18. All good gifts come from God, and we are our brother's keepers, we must share!
(2) Numbers 14: 18. I would suggest here that it is not jealous God that punishes the children of a sinner, but the sin that the parents commit and the children witness. They are likely to follow in their father's footsteps. That is not God's fault, just a fact!

by Long Tooth

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