Vanity! Vanity!

Vanity! Vanity!

Beautiful women and handsome young men.
Smiling for the camera for all the world to see.
Posting and posting pictures for magazine covers.
As well as others, sharing famous photos
on the worldwide web.

Who can complain? You do not have to have fame or
fortune. When you are able to play the rating game.
Preserving and protecting your fifteen minutes of fame.

Vanity! Vanity!
Is not confined to the young and beautiful.
It can apply to poets and writers as well.
Playing the poetry rating game is fun,
but who is the blame?

We refer to it as the self selfish promotion.
I prefer to refer to it as poetry preservation.
Is it a requirement for all members of the poetry nation?

Vanity! Vanity!
Is it not only entrapment for the beautiful
and talented people of our society?
Vanity! Vanity! Is it not a part of reality.
It promises to enslave the people of the world.

by Roxanne Dubarry

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