Poem Hunter
DM ( / Iowa City, Iowa)


She is red, he is blue - their souls intertwine, creating a vapor
of violet. They dance by the steam of the pool. His desire is
a forbidden taste, so she seeks to hold him back, only allowing
a droplet to soothe his craving, but still he pulls away out
of control. She strains, but from the distance her fingertips
can scarcely feel the warmth, creating a virtual touch. From within
the pool he burns, from the edge of destruction she cries.
Danger's gravity possesses him and lures him
from her essence. She beholds the truth, that after time
allows him to spring from the pith of the drained
pool, he will be scarred and their vapors
will never create violet again.
Her heart bleeds, his heart dies.
The double helix has
now been singalized.
Their love will no longer be

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your father... was a strong man... a straight man.. his wrinkles were solid... were honest... were truth... i loved him... he was not judgmental.. believed in the strength of the people hi employed... mr bill... you taught me... you lifted the bell of my lyrics... you lived... you laughed... you believed... you are remembered... always....