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Wow, I recall Varanasi.
The spectacle, a kaleidoscope of colour
A cacophony of noise. Crowds milling
Devotedly. Mother Ganges in full flow.

Bells rang out. Rainbow clad pilgrims chanted
The masses took to the river
And celebrated. That night, every night
The wondrous Festival of Light.

Flowers floated, candles bobbed and
Funeral smoke drifted over the water
Life was celebrated there. And death too.
Death the Hindu way.

And in that moment, joyous shouts,
Trumpets blared and torches flared,
Sitting in a little boat I saw
A window on a whole new world.

by Billy Wright

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tis the greatest place on earth. primordial, divine and were the gods live. you have captured the imagery in a beautiful way. its the only place in the world where time stands still.