Mum And Dad

Remembering the time
Of years gone by
Sitting at the table
Grace said before each meal
As we all dined together
No distractions like T.V.
Mobiles not yet invented
Just talking of day we had
Father always spoke first
Spoke about his working day
Large families were the norm
Among the working class
We knew he worked very hard
To provide for all of us
We never knew how tough it was
For Mums and Dads at the time
But one thing we knew for certain
Just how much each one was loved
We loved them back as much

by Daniel Bernard Kelleher

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Comments (3)

I love this poem for challenging us to think about how much of where we are from makes us who we are; and how much of us is just humanity? Lovely write! ~
Wow, Wow, Wow! ! ! This is marvelous - this truly deserves to be recognized as poem of the day. Though as Susan said below this is more like a great work of literature. I love the way the speaker seems to be at ease with the flow of life as he points out his observations about nationality and existence itself. He talks in circles yet it all makes sense in a puzzling way. The same way life itself can feel like a puzzle with a few missing pieces.
Did you ever just want to howl with delight at a piece of LITERATURE that has just taken over your senses, your emotions, your mental faculties? I want to sit here and reread it and reread it and reread it and SAVOR its every word, its every phrase, its every pause!