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Varicose Veins
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Varicose Veins

Poem By Sidi J. Mahtrow

There they be
Plain for all to see,
Bulging out
Unsightly in a rout.
Tinged with purple
Without scrupple
Emerging from thin skin
Barely containing what's within.
Caused by age
Bad posture's wage.
Unpleasant to behold
Ugly, unsightly, blue lines
Traced like road map's
Record of man's journey
To destinations' unaccounted
Reminders of what never was
And what is not to be
If care isn't taken to control spread
Of this malicious disease.
A disease you say?
Yes, if they are allowed to have their sway.

But is it necessary to continue
Along the way of this venue?
No, there is a possible correction
That can be made by election.
Surgically remove the offending vein
Striping it's called; in the main.
Let others take the new direction
Of the vessels insurrection.

The heart pumps, by the second, a new
Fresh charge of life giving blood (not blue)
Carrying oxygen and nutrients
To the supporting members;
Taking away that which is waste
From the activities of whatever task.

Blue veins, varicose veins, politic
Answer to the body public.
The skillful surgeon performs his task,
Removing the spoils from the mishmash.
Now revealed for all to see
What nature intended to be.
The Democratic process does restow
Blue to Red with a healthy glow.

Circulation is improved, as is
The health of the proprietor or proprietress
Status quo feels the knife
Correcting the years of debauched living and strife.
The downward spiral of blue states is assured.
As people, for too much time; have endured
That web, woven by politicians; disregarding
The Body's health by their palavering.

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Comments (2)

I've had that 'stripping' as you put it Sidi, but my VV's were hereditary so there's not much one can do about that. A clever rendering of a common problem. Sincerely Ernestine Northover
:) I havn't had to deal with this problem yet (Thank God) . You describe it very well. My legs are aching just reading this. Sincerely, Mary