Vast Fields Of White

As I gaze unto
The vast fields of white
My shattered heart
Seeks for some delight
The delight I recieved
When I looked into your eyes
Now turns to anguish
For telling you those lies
Denying what I knew
To be true right from the start
You mean everything to me
The crown jewel of my heart
When I hear your sweet voice
Stricken with pain
It stops my whole world
And I feel the same
The thought that I hurt you
In so many ways
Makes the minutes pass by
As if they were days
The pain I endure
Brings the thought to my mind
'Bout what you've endured
Through this stretch of time
I never meant to cause you
So much pain and grief
But you must forgive me
And attempt to believe
That what I am telling you
Is surely no lie
And I'll prove my love to you
Until the day I die

by Patrick Coombe

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