Vast Improvement

She told me to stop calling her a bitch,
So I did.
It was clear I shouldn't.
She told me to stop calling her a lazy cow!
So I did.
I couldn't any longer!
She told me to stop calling her a pig.
So I did.
So much of that was hidden.

But I was not ready to stop calling her a slut!
And she knew this.
She accepted she could expect some compliments...
But making such vast improvement in a short period of time,
Overwhelmed the both of us!
She has come a long way,
From being just a common whore!
And I adored her struggles even more.

Eventually she proved to me...
She could be a better dog than I!
And, somehow, I was proud about that!
Since we agreed to monitor our achievements.
Neither one of us look the parts we conveyed!
And that has made our relationship unique.
No one now can tell we were victims of the streets!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Unfortunately, If one passes gas, someone else will choose to personalize it. And that is okay! At least they are getting a 'whiff' of something they are accustomed to receiving. And 'this' is the joy of sharing.
I'm tired of being called names and somehow, you expect absolutelly no retaliation. Well suck mine MF'er. Merry Goddamn Christmas.