Each day I awaken,
And I thank God for His blessings.
Also I give thanks...
To those spiritual guides,
I rely on to lead me.
The ones assigned to my lifeline.
Vast is the mind.
And I want mine to explore.
I can not ignore being a part of this experience.
And connected to the whole I am!
All of us are.
Some are conflicted by their existence.
I accept a diffusion...
Without confusing the abundance of it all.
By limitations that restrict a curiousity I am born with!
To think, feel and nourish comes from the core.
That same 'core' that has established the process of thought!
This within us is the same.
Without 'it' all of us would have worthless and thoughtless brains!
Although some may refuse to see it that way.
But that is the only purpose we exist!
To give back to 'it' which has given!
Like a grateful prayer expressed.
It's just that simple.
And also the cause of splits...
In relationships.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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