I see him as he walks this way
Spanish words roll off his tongue as he talks that way
My mind and my body slip away
His body moves as I watch his lips
I don't comprende but those words I won't forget
El voz and his language makes me sweat
Asking myself if he knows that I understand him yet
We both know it really doesn't matter
I know and he knows what he's after
With that smile he gives a little laughter
'¿Cómo se llama? ' He wants to know
Should I give in or take it slow?
I hope my shyness doesn't show
I tell him my name because my wild mind says so
Crazy desires within the core of my head
I'm hanging on the edge of each word that he said
All I can see is myself in his bed
I don't know what to do or what's going on
'Habla mi amor, ' he says 'Come closer mi corazon.'
I can see it in his eyes that he's the one
A few hours later he takes me to his casa
His thick hands touch mi cara
While he says, 'Eres muy hermosa.'
Then I say, 'Tu es bonito; mi muñeco.'
He whispers, 'Te quiero besitos.'
'Si papi, te quiero.'
'You can be my chola bonita and I'll be your cholo.'
'Tu es mi amorcito, my muñeco; mi vato! '

by Gianna Jett

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