Vegan Steven's Vegan Clothes

Remember that vegan called Steven
Yes he would not kill for no reason,
Well I saw him today
Wearing nothing I say
But some cabbage leaves
With a few peas on.

by Benjamin Zephaniah

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Even a branch of tree bleeds sap if you break it off. Vegetables are living things, we feed off death, it's how we survive as we grab the last pea from its pod. Is there anything we eat that doesn't have to die for us to consume it? Even water has memory and none of us can actually feel each others pain, we can only imagine. Now there's a thought.
short and funny poem with some elements of nice rhythm
Lifestyle! ! ! Thanks for sharing.
Amusing expression. Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratulation for being choosen as the POD.
Is he the same Steven that was seen walking around Handsworth with a crown on? Nice one Ben
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