MA (7th February / Lagos, Nigeria)

For Drive

The time changes fast
New things emerge to compete last
Daily there comes new innovation
As if there is enough of room for accommodation

One thing is sure for our admission
The youth of today is not committed to easy submission
The sky is limit for him and goes after new ventured
You find new scientific achievements and still more explored

It has helped to bring world closer
It has moved fast and in position to offer
For humanity cause and movement
There is over all growth and development

“Each coin has two sides”
It has two clear instincts
Either gain or loose something
Or stay where ever you are for nothing

It has made clear thrust
Material gain is only must
There is visible loss of trust
Simple love is lost for the wan t of lust

“Do or die is alright for drive”
But we need to emerge and survive
Human values should remain as our treasure
We are certainly for it and must reassure

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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