Poem By Kevin and Ann Sawatzky

Dark as nite deceiving as day
Her mood is a pool of black
To match the heart on her plate
One of revolting bitterness
That she cuts with her fork and knife
And feasts on its poisonous malice

Revenge is not better cold but hot
And her favorite flavour is rot
She captures your soul drinks it down
Your tortured screams a musical sound
As she digests you inside out with a smile
Then spits you out like something vile

She tries to feed you the thing she calls love
But it is hate that chokes you the whole while
Clears off the table like you are left overs to her
And feeds your remains to the birds
The crows are the others she tossed away
Begging to be let back into her world of sin

Comments about Vegetarian

Keep writing Kevin and Ann, tell it like it is from the heart. I agree, don't be discouraged, just write what you feel and it's all good.---Melvina
your the one whose sinning i just want to have a good time why do i have to wait for 6.7*10^9 other people to figure out who the hell they are before i get to enjoy myself it aint sinnin how the hell do you think we all got here stupid
sheesh..i hope this isnt about ann..; -)

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