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Vehicle Of Awareness
JAS (June 1965 / Clinton Iowa)

Vehicle Of Awareness

There is a lot to all of life. Valid or not by any standard, is irrelevant.
Spirit and universe will pass on any conduit availed to it.

Thus providing validity to even the most unlikely element.
A vehicle of awareness.

This is true without any condition... save one.
Non-judgmental acceptance of life.

Do not confuse this with blind acceptance or submissive forfeit of ones self.

It is what is...

A soul's relation to it is directly aligned to the level of ego allowed.

Ego is akin to rose colored glasses.
Remove them, and the full spectrum of life is seen.

Every hue, every variation.

An amazing chromatic display of varying intensities.

In that spectrum... we find color.

October 25,2004 22: 17

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Easily my favorite poem.