Wispy veils
floating on an air
of self importance.
Catching the light,
casting shadows
across the mind.
Reminisce if you will,
and carefully preserve
those wispy veils.
Lie in their caress
a softness of their touch
which perchance
beguiles too much.

Those wispy veils
blown by winds of chance.
Perhaps sometimes
with unexpected glance
they briefly part,
and reveal such radiance
in depth of heart.
A glimpse of unfiltered light
a beauty so bright
which those veils
may never, never touch.

Look again,
the curtains drawn,
shadows cast in mind
and know,
you are the one
that shines behind
those wispy veils
which floating on
the play of life
come and go,
bring pleasure, pain
and strife.

by David Taylor

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