MM (4th November 1993 / Lahore, Pakistan)

Velcro Sounds

These Velcro sounds
They drive me astray
My ear drums shake
In helplessness
When I stitch
When I tear
When I break.

I even believed in you
When my senses hid in shame
Are you still there?
Or are you mocking me in some game?

Do you smile
When you rip me to threads?
Do you smirk
When you sew me back into coded clothes?

Pain can only be felt after pleasure.

Your hide and seek games
Turn me into your fool.

I have become patch work
For your colourful quilts.
Even in comfort,
Is it just me who feels guilt?

I apologise
For you are not to blame.

The pain is now worse,
If not the same.

Make the Velcro sounds stop.

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