Velikovsky Explained, Man Shall Be Freed, Upsetting...

Velikovsky lives in a box full
of notes under my bed, he said
long ago there was no contrast
in seasons; the earth turned
upright on its axis –

without precession as a zodiacal
phenomenon – I must be a soul
descended from the prehistory
he sees, that would explain my
despair as winter grieves

again – having left allegedly;
kids swimming, capering in
shorts and T-shirts – now a cold
spell, the wind stopping Badminton
practise in the back-yard, it is far

too wild for that – a mean wind which
wreaks right from Siberian steppes;
escaped a scene in Dr Zhivago;
wishing I were an actor in that epic –
a player in an act by the Marquis de

Sade – anything but me in this
cosmos where Velikovsky’s theories
offer unsettling explanations.
I would gladly defer to Pratchett in
Discworld – prefer Sir Simon running

around pleasing His Highness – or the
three witches planning to win back Magrat
than to contemplate Saturn exploding,
Venus disrupting Mars and the orbits
of Mercury and Earth – I have not found

a way of reconciling this with Lobsang
Rampa – I’m too tired tonight with winter
returned – just like Velikovsky explained
it would have to from this age
and for evermore…

Man Shall Be Freed

The planet earth has been cursed
as the Old Testament explained
I used to think them wrong, how
could it be, but now understand:

Once the earth had no need of rain;
two suns had shined permanently
earth perpendicular in upright position
no seasons to bring snow and blight

A permanent mist covered the earth
gravity was totally different from
what it is today; enormous animals and
human giants, like King Og of Basan in

The Old Testament walked on the earth
then a great cataclysm -Saturn exploding-
toppled earth on its axis and natural
forces were unleashed – the Cyclops

of the Greek myths; men and animals
perished together; then the near approach
of Venus - every fifty-two years recurring
caused electrical exchanges - earth was changed

once again – that may have caused the exodus
of Israelites from Egypt – with the ten plagues
the catastrophic phenomena of that event;
leprosy with enforced separation might

have been radiation symptoms and the earth was
cursed - nourishing foliage was stripped; valuable
soil was dispersed - then Venus destroyed Mars
with death of all Martian life; even Mercury was

Forced into a new, unstable course around
the sun; poor earth suffered still and today
the earth still sways wildly like a ship
on a wild sea – let’s hope that in the future

The earth will turn upright again and
find its own Cape of Good Hope
where man shall be freed from
astrogenetic aberration again!

(Footnote to Velikovsky Explained)

Upsetting The Apple-Cart

Maybe it would be better
to watch the TV show Ugly
Betty than trying to read
Velikovsky – his insights
about pre-Adamites; about
giants and a primitive earth
changed through seven stages
of seven main planets; that
some think still might exist
concomitantly, while Velikovsky
feels they refer to seven
different stages; once the
earth received no rain and
was filled with prehistoric
animals like dinosaurs- then
all was changed after the
Flood that brought us Noah;
the earth lost its nourishment
and all people and animals
started to shrink – once the
moon was bigger and brighter
than the sun; then it moved
away; once both moon and Venus
harboured life and then died
through a terrible cataclysm;
once the sun used to shine
continuously and the first
people nearly died in fear
when the sun set for the
first time – my mind is shot;
it cannot bend any more tonight;
I’m trying to find similarities
in all theories; but Velikovsky
is upsetting the apple-cart
that was launched in my mind
by Lobsang Rampa with his
stories based on Tibetan
Monasteries; sitting in front
of the TV with the PC while
Ugly Betty is showing is
driving me completely insane;
maybe Velikovsky with all
his scary ideas is still
better than TV’s Ugly
Duckling tonight…

by Margaret Alice

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