TJ (17th June 1958 / England)

Velocité D'Amour

My life changed again today –
Took a quantum leap of such unique proportions
That it defied Heisenberg’s ‘Uncertainty Principle’,
For I know the time, the place and the velocity:

The time: right now
The place: right here
The velocity: Love.

The time is now.
We are ready for each other and our life.
We choose and are chosen.
We choose: “we”,
Choosing complete: fini.

The place is here
I fell in love with your town, your country,
Your life’s location and hinterland
The way I fell for you on our teenage summer beach:
Instantly, freely….. totally.
I have been walking around saying “âllo”
To the new, yet somehow through you, familiar,
Feeling welcome and wanted.
The sad goodbyes of leaving and uncertainty are over.
‘Walking the Talk’ of ‘Just Come’ is already begun.

La velocité d’amour: c’est toi; c’est moi
C’est cette alchemie parfaite
Qu’on ne peut pas expliquer;
Mais on voit, on sent,
On connâit sans raison
Mais sans aucun doute.
‘Just Come’….. ‘Just Come’…
‘Just Come’ has already begun.

by Tony Jolley

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