Velvet Bombshell

It may be more advantageous,
To slowly and methodically...
Disclose an impending implosion.
With a kept cloaking of it,
In its familiarized deception.

"Business as usual folks.
A bit of incompetence here and there.
With a broadcasting of accusations.
Entertained by one limited to pettiness."
Explained by those picked,
Appearing from revolving doors...
Looking befuddled and made nitwits.

Inside the masquerade continues to take place.
With divine dining and wining on pretense.
The velvet bombshell drops.
Quietly to not disturb,
The host or the guests.
Nibbling on smoked salmon.
While dabbing beads of sweat
From their botoxed foreheads.
And anticipating with mint scented breath.
As to who will be next,
Pulled into the limelight.
Exposed publicly to be an accessory to treason.
Deception and corruption.
To choke on crow.
Shown to be escorted to sit with pigeons.
Sentenced to prison.
For betrayal and their moisturized lies!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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