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Velvet Goddess
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Velvet Goddess

Poem By Alison Cassidy

I am hypnotized by her grace,
as she moves
like a Thirties movie star.

I itch to touch her skin,
this velvet goddess
of the silver screen,
her silk chiffon sleeves
swirling about her.

I watch her mouth
pouting provocatively,
her grey goggle eyes
mesmerizing me.

She is centre stage.
She is glamorous.
She is the Bette Davis of the fish tank.

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Comments (19)

oh no! I'll never look at a fish the same way again... and Bette Davis? oh, Allie!
Beautiful descriptive piece Alison...wonderful write....Fi 10+++
a superb setup...caught me quite off guard. ...and something very disturbing about that hypnotic motion and mesmerizing stare. great fun, Allie! -Tailor
I liked how you described your main character...you did with good descriptiveness and good use of language. I'd like to see this woman...I think she would be very mesmerizing! Top marks! -Michael
She sounds like a real diva..... bet she swishes her glossy golden tail about her as if she owns the tank! LOL! This was great Allie, a most humourous poem but told so very well in a way only you know how. Most enjoyable, HG: -) xx
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