Velvet Sky

Standing still below a velvet sky
I cry out for an answer
When no clear question exists
A lofty meaning in the dying lights
A place without
A place within
Where everything falls away
I want to be someone's all
I want to be my own
Caught up in convoluted dreams
Wispy forgotten realms
Patches of landscape
On the road I am on
Trying to find perfection
In a box of mismatched flaws
Accepting the form given
Searching the soul yet seen
Struggling to live in a world
That has no sense of what I can be
I am not sure what that is anymore
Or what I ever thought is was
The path I took was lined with pain
The path I take is much the same
Filled with broken love
And shattered illusions
Tarnished mirrors
But oh what a precious ache
To truly be alive
Beneath a velvet sky

by kimberly hays

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