After attracting my attention,
Then using tactics to slander me...
With the aid of my friends and family.
And upgrading degrading techniques,
Of perfected backstabbing skills you inflicted.
You now say you have learned your lessons?
I am quite curious! ?
How did you think I felt...
And where did you think I was,
As you practice your vendettas?
Sipping lemonade as you paraded
Your dislike for me?
There is not a cheek on me I'm turning.
I did not go to that school.
You chose me because you thought I was a fool.
To use and abuse...
Thinking that was cool!

I'm choosing you for purposes to humiliate!
There is quite a difference in my approach!
You say you 'now' have found God?
I think that's great!
You see,
God and I have been buddies for years!
He asked what I thought of you a long time ago!
I said nothing.
That gave Him a clue...
To do what He wanted to do to you!
I am just going to watch.
Since God told me to keep silent in prayer,
And HE would ensure all my prayers would be answered!

While you were doing those things to me...
God has had His eye on you.
And I am sure whatever He decides to do,
Will meet with my satisfaction!
Petty distractions...
I let God handle from now on!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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