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You fed me lies
And made me weak
But thats all over
It's revenge I seek

You were a deciever
And one of the best
I am the reaper
And I'll put you to rest

I have no conscience
Nor will I hide
The moment has come
It's your fate I'll decide

Let's make this a game
And before it is finished
We'll take our chances
And see whose light is diminished

You destroyed my life
One I held dear
But I couldn't strike back
Because of my childish fear

Now that sad little girl is gone
And only anger remains
Your time is up
The beast shant be tamed

I am a woman
And this is the path I chose
I'm also the reaper
An your life has come to a close

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All i can say is WOW im impressed our thoughts and poems are very similar damn girl this is great straight from the heart of anger and bordering hatred