CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)


My thoughts run deep in my mind,
With words you say,
Hurt and leave me blind.
Never understanding fully,
About what has been said,
But I was shot,
Cold and dead.

As blood rushes out onto the ground,
People began to gather around.
Cries could be heard in the distance.
There's a scent of vengence in the air,
For the feeling of killing,
Do you dare?
Do you care?

Running in fear as my soul follows,
Follows you, back into the hollows.
The razor goes once again across you wrist.
Drugs fill you with guilt,
For the one you have killed.
They bury you in the ground,
Where you belong!

Burn in hatred,
Panic in disgrace,
As the spit back in your face.
Pain unbelieviable,
As you lay on the table.
Shaking in the cold,
From the shit that has been getting old,
From the lies that you've been told.

Lay in the fire,
This is your desire.
The pain and suffering tears you to peices,
The pressure never decreases,
As they come back for more,
Tearing down your door.

Hiding in the corner,
Confessions of the truth,
Denying every lie you said,
Welcome to Hell.
Welcome home.

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