RM (1986 / )


sunshine's gone, september is on its way
all the leaves are facing decay
my feelings seem to do the same
as i'm alone, whispering your name

december beckons, i'm depressed and sad
i just want to tell you that i miss you bad
the radio says 'all i want for christmas is you'
well, this has been my thought too

you return in april, sweet surprise
that's what you call blessing in disguise
i see your eyes, it feels not right
truth and understanding are visiting tonight

june is gone, it's summer again
sunshine is slowly edging rain
the facts came through the backdoor
that i don't love you anymore

summer or winter, warm or cold
i found today what i had sold
i destroyed the venom inside me
finally i feel really free
i removed the pictures from the wall
i'm not longer waiting for your call
i'm healed, i'm free, i'm painless
everyday i need you less and less

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.....................you've made your point loud and clear
This is a very interesting poem and I recommend it to everyone. The change in mood is quit startling and it was done in one line. This is even more fascinating, as 'Spock' would say. What a poem! GW62
'the facts came through the backdoor, that i don't love you anymore'...fantastic line, it turns everything around wonderfully...great work.
this is really good (: