RVO (28 June 1970 / USA)


Hit the crack/
Heart attack/
Everyone, there and back

Have your cake/
Easy Bake/
There’s no give, only take

Famous names/
Video games/
All the world goes up in flames

People hush/
Need a rush/
All your brains turn to mush

House of Wax/
Volume Max/
Watch the toob, forget the facts.

Turning Blue/
Shame on you/
Cough, cough catch the flu.

Take a hint/
Go get bent/
The time is gone, just to vent.

American whore/
Corporate War/
Just bend over a little more.

Have your fun/
Father son/
Little Johnny getch’ur gun.

Whata thrill/
Make a deal/
Question later, shoot to kill.

Talking head/
Silent dead/
Soon the gutters run with red

Let it run/
Set to stun/
Don’t you die, ‘til we’re done.

Dollars through/
Next is you/
Use a hammer, bang the screw.

Time to go/
Now you know/
It’s all a dog and pony show.

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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