Venting Anger!

She talked to people
she tried to get well
somedays she felt fine
somedays she couldin't tell
sometimes she wanted to die
sometimes she wanted to cry
but she was getting better
then you told her she was putting it on
you told her to sing a differen't song
you told her she was being stupid everyday
you told her she didn't really feel that way
she wanted to show you
the way that she felt
so guess what she did
she killed herself that day
she did that to show you
you killed her you know
you told her that her woe
was nothing more or nothing less
then the size of a dolls shoe
that she was nothing compaired to you

You killed her! ! !

by Becky Ginn

Comments (1)

Although I think you poem is grand, there is still a diturbance here. If someone kills themselves over the whims of someone else, then that person is disturbed. This poetry forum is a prime example. If every poet on poetryhunter commited suicide over every comment that was bad, none of us would be here to write another day! I may be carrying it too far- I don't know. But as far as a poem, you have written an excellent one! A 10.