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KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)


Poem By Kaspa Richards

I’m willing to swallow pills to stop me depressing,
It doesn’t help with you being condescending,
All I want to do is get rid of this feeling
Deep inside of me all day I feel it swelling
Up and up and yet still I don’t explode,
Haven’t lost my temper or broke anyone’s nose,
So tell me where does my anger go?
Because I really don’t know I just wanna blow,
Vent my frustration just so everyone can know
And see the pain that dwells in the heart of me
Darkness to my soul nobody is saving me
What will it be to stop my life becoming a tragedy?
I don’t expect you to understand my life its out of the ordinary,

Can understand now why people begin self harming,
Because without pain you cant distinguish between living and dying,
Don’t you see in that moment of danger you’re more alive
Then you have ever felt in your entire hate filled life
But you won’t ever see me reach for the knife
Coz in my life and you can call me a mug
But I prefer the high from natural grown drugs,
That’s a lie I’ve done pills too,
Popping temaz while blazing a zoot
Even chewing on psychedelic shrooms,
Anything I can to help me forget about you,
Can you blame me with the life I’m leading?
Where every damn day my soul is bleeding,
You’re probably thinking, who’s he kidding?
His life aint that bad he must be dreaming
Your right its worse don’t worry I had a feeling
That you wouldn’t understand or start believing

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