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Venus And Cupid (2005)
LBR (Virgo. / Wisconsin)

Venus And Cupid (2005)

Poem By Lillian B. Rose

A part of me on fire, split by fantasy
Still Cupid teasingly fires his arrows
Decidedly straight at me

Did he miss his true intended?
As he smirks and hides from sight
Or was his aim right on target tonight?

Two stars far from each other
Knocking on heaven's door
Oblivious to how near they really are

Surely they'll spot each other
Or is heaven's door really that wide?
Concealing the stars desiring to see what's inside

Venus scolds her playful son for
Aiming at innocent strangers
He happens upon

Venus must conceal the spell
Of cupid's arrows sent out at liberty- without warning
Trapping the fools of modern day in a dream state

The spell of passion, lust, and love at first sight
Counter-balanced by jealousy and madness
The dreams stars are born upon are here

Venus altering of the spell into love
Leaves most wounded because
Cupid's magic is intoxicating to all

Will the truth set us free?
As Venus alters my love
Beyond your wild comprehension

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