(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Venuses In Transit


She's Venus in a shocking blue transit van

tapping fingers and toes to the radio song

'...she's got it....ohhhhh baby...she's got it...'
'...making every man a man...'

She enjoys being a plumber woman

seeing their faces when she turns up.

'Venus in blue jeans'

'Yeah...' she chortles '...that's me! '

'Mannnnnn.....damnnnnnnn....these traffic light! '

She's Venus...nothing but a flash of ebony

hurtling after an orb of yellow

calculating the trajectory of the second

it left big sister Serena's wicked backhand.

'Mnnnnnnn....dammmmmm....blAMMMMMM! '

Advantage Venus. New balls please.

She's Venus with her tiny eclipses

of that big old sun.

I anxiously awaiting her return.

'I missed the first one and mannnnnnnn...

... damn if I am gonna miss the second one tooooooo! '

But at least I can't be worse than

poor old Guillaume Le Gentil

spending 8 unsuccessful years

trying to observe her

only to lose wife and possessions and

be declared dead.

Wow...she's my Venus...my desire

and....awwwwwww mannnnnnnnn damnnnnnnnn

those clouds!

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