Veolia Ii

Veolia, Leo, vial, veil, via, ale, Ali;
With the bread of life,
After your hard work.

The muse of illegal lust,
Yesterday is gone too soon;
With tears running down your eyes like the rivers of waters,
And now, you are also soaked in the rain.

The muse of illegal lust,
Like a weakened wall which is ready to fall;
But do gather courage and rise up again!
In quietness and in cinfidence to gain your strength.

The muse of life in th eland of trouble!
You do sit idel as your folks play the love game;
However, this poem is like the breaking of the potter's vessels,
With the secret treasure on the hump of a camel.

Wake up!
Rise up again and live;
Aiming towards the future,
With the sweet smell of success.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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