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Verbal Bullies
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Verbal Bullies

Poem By Francis Duggan

When we look for flaws in others the flaws in them we do see
That's how it is and always was and that's how 'twill always be
For some 'tis easier to be cruel than it is to be kind
Their souls are clouded over by darkness of the mind
Even ageing men and women who in dye cover their gray
With their words are verbal bullies it is their natural way
When they put down other people their sense of self esteem they try to undermine
To inflict verbal hurt through insult does seem to suit them fine
Wise words from a wise old lady from years back I recall
She said if you cannot say something good about another person why say anything at all
I still recall to this day the great wisdom in her truth
Suppose some cannot help it if they do sadly lack in ruth
They live in every district, village, city and town
The people who find pleasure in putting others down.

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