AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)


Your dazed soul has unloaded itself freely from your senseless body
Having acquired the wishful ability to fly, it's floating up
Drawn into a whirlwind, it passes through a tunnel, dark and bloody
Diverse chapters from your life are seen before it comes to a stop
A white unearthly light brightens the dusk, it's pure and alive
Inviting your spirit to feel at home in the seventh heaven
Vague haunting memories of the city in ruins are coming live
Your soul is falling down into the hole, deep and raven
An ominous silence is broken by a thunderous voice,
''In complete darkness the fallen angels shall be imprisoned
Wating for the final judgment, they have no earthly choice
Although, with archangel Metatron I have recently reasoned
You'll be granted freedom if fighting against demons you keep your poise''

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