Verdict Of Your Cruel Heart

I stood alone on an icy cliff of my dreams,
looking down the ruins of my burnt heart
reflecting your name on the ripples of my tears
that slide down my pale cheeks slowly.

I had strength keeping me firm of the heartless relationship,
thickening my pains from all ends
deepening my sorrows over a high wall of unknown future.

I heard the verdict of your cruel heart
forcing me to be washed away from your memories,
twisting my paths farther and farther,
parting my destiny from yours,
following the winds of change.

I fell in the whirlpool of puzzles
while the storms of time withered me further,
draining away all hopes from my heart,
erasing my name from your palms
blindfolding me into the oceans
of uncertainty and ambiguity.

I wore away my sorrows with your departure,
sweeping the sands of broken winged dreams,
on the death bed of hopes and hovering grieves,
covering my eyes with shadows of your cruelty's funeral,
telling me, I am alone once again in life,
I am a widow of your love!

by Asma Khan

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