My First Lady

The First Lady

We studied together
Up to the middle school level
In an infamous board high school
As closely sitting classmates

I had some peculiar
Interest in her
And half of the time
Only staring at her

She always stood first
But, I didn't envy at her
When she was found to be sad or upset
It instantly tuned me to her line of distress

Under the influence of movies that time
I threw some poetic verses at her
She was so generous and tactful indeed
To bury those things ‘as private' with her

On transfer, she moved out to a distant centre
Never to be seen again since decades together
I am still keeping her facsimile inside
As the 'FIRST LADY' to have disturbed my softest senses.

Louis Santhana

by santhana louis

Comments (6)

Sensual capture and possession so well shown As if revision were the purest form of love Wonderful lines Adrian Flett
Prime example of a mother's sentiments. Comforting.
Although I like the notion that revision is a form of ownership and in some sense an EXPRESSION of love, I disagree that expression of ownership is love in its purest sense. Not a very idealistic version of love, I don't think. I don't know.
Bloody deep piece of writing, portraying so forcefully the sentiment of rapidly evaporating love. And the painter adding one last finishing touch parallel nails this piece, Lind. F**k, you're good! Are you ever coming back? Warm regards, Gina (scoring this at 10) .
You have not received the attention you deserve as a poet. Such a shame, that more have not read and commented on your work. I will see what I can do about that :) Would love to hear from you. No biography? ? Kind regards Gyp's
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