RL (01-10-1987 / California)

Verses Like A Puzzle

Engrossed in a moment of admiration?
Or to satisfy this moment of amalgamation?
Told myself he cannot go pass verse one
But the inquisitiveness to know kept me prolonged
Caught up in the words that's slowly leaves those lips
Fascinated by the way it moves than the words he speaks
When he sits there and asks a question
Inattentively, my mind was wandering
My mind's rude to disrupt his philosophy of being
But the state that I am in, I cannot help but feel weakened
My heart is pondering and my body in shocked
His intelligence is staggering, his stylishness cannot be stopped
One verse- I declined and decide to reclined on my own
Walked away for I thought it wasn't worth to continue on
Then verse two came along-he possessed this conversation, he seized alone!
Verse two got me perplexed and my words from my mouth was 'blank'
He made me irritated; who does he think he is?
To the point where I become captivated, but enrapt by the beauty his words created
His mentality to read me at my level; never thought it would be so simple
My smartness, my thinking, to the way I reside in life
My body, my mind, to the weight I hold on my shoulder
My unique style, my writing, my eyes, to the way I avoid unnecessary excite
To him, I was a purpose for him to uncover
Concealed so shut, so insecure to reveal my factual identity
But he found my sanctuary, but value me to leave it conserved its individuality
Verse three-he discovered me under the bind without having to separate the plaster left to shield this artificial illustration
An innovative contemplation to value the endeavors of one's ambition,
Three verses he held-no hesitation, no questions. He surpassed all.
For it may be even the unprofessed acquaintances that may matched my eminences.

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Robert Frost

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