.... And I know it is with me; in my body, in my veins,
and in my words.
I raise my pen and start to write. I am producing words,
painting the pages. She is in the ethereal; I pause for
a moment. I am stepping in, moving slowly with my carefully
chosen words - I am now writing, the only medium by which
my absolute deepest feeling come alive.

"I am the subject, find me"

I tun to find her as she moves through the night and
becomes the darkness. I start to gather my thoughts and begin
writing again. My pen for to map the way that only my thoughts
shall decide.

"I am the color of your spirit"

So I see myself, my mind at ease. And now selecting an
enchanting direction, I move deeper into my mind .These are
the channels by which all real is real. What hath not, is not.

"I am the voice that awakens you"

I turn to find a question, shall I go on? and then a gentle
breeze of alluring fragrance: My eyes, she is there, standing
before me in pale white robe and fields of wild flowers!
She turns to me with a smile before lifting herself into
flight and softly whispers.

"I am".

by Charles Todd Beuk

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