'Coffee Shop Flavors'

Sitting at the window,
Of a nearby coffee shop café,
Watching all the leaves blow past me,
As another year begins to fade away.

Children in their outfits,
There must be a dance class down the street?
Little hands all waving joyfully,
Ballet slippers of pink, snuggly tied to their little feet.

Parents holding onto their gifts God made,
Never wanting one day to let go,
But that day will come so quickly,
As like the seasons, they all tend to grow.

The flavors of this coffee,
Are more than I had hope to taste,
Where God has opened up my heart and eyes,
Noting to ever slip by or ever waste.

By: Linda Winchell

by Linda Winchell

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Very cominal. Just love this one........(I'm actually a dog-lover!) Love, Fran xx