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Very Same Firsts

Very Same Firsts

before i met you,
i had already done everything
for the first time

while we were together,
those very same firsts
i had done the first time with you

and now you're gone

and it's been so hard for me
to do those very same firsts
for the first time without you

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Comments (5)

I was a bit surprised when I read this - didn't think you had it in you, ya cynical bugger! But it's really moving and beautiful. I loved it. Hugs Anna xxx
This is lovely and poignant. I love stumbling across your little gems. Lea
That's really the hardest part, isn't it? Trying to move on living in the aftermath of a dream. Very well done, I felt this piece in the core..I think you know why. Always, Amberlee
At times, firsts hurt the most, because your seconds will never be your first.
That's very beautiful in such a neat and nuanced way. Professional envy prevents me from saying more...