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Always the same with anger against us,
War for freedom sounds insane.
Torture ended
And began with a vengeance,
War and freedom became the same.
War and freedom is not the same girl
Where did you get that sill rot?
War is when cruel words are spoken
Love is when cruel words are not
But hate is always thrown against us,
With war and freedom cast the same
Hard to see
Where one war ended,
Clear when freedom began to wane.
Freedom didn’t wane my dear
Look around at the way we are
It’s a do as you like world now I fear
Freedom’s moved so very far
But freedom has lost its very nature
Its do as your told, not do as you like
We all follow
And the tyranny holds us,
Freedom to war has taken flight
This world has fallen victim friend
To the youth who have turned it rotten
Forget the wars and look for the cause
Of a generation long forgotten
It's not our youth, or those long past
Ripping freedom from it's nature,
It's our fault
And we must end it,
No need to have a fascist future.
If all the world could debate like this
If communication did still exist
Then all would have an equal stand
For there’s still enough love
In our great land

By Sandra Osborne and Janice M Pickett
From their
Collection of poems entitled
‘The Pendulum Swings’

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Sandra, My friend, I read a quote today, that pretty much sums up what we previously had spoken of It goes: Acceptance is the universal currency of real friendship...It does not warp or shape or wrench a person to be anything other than what they truly are. Joan Chittister in The Friendship Of Women
Brillant Guys, just brilliant. You speak solid TRUTH