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Vi. Look At Our Earth...
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Vi. Look At Our Earth...

Poem By Igwe Kalu

Look at the dark board, hung up on the wall;
Many have learnt by its use, but not without white strokes
Left on its face. Where you'd attempt to cleanse it
From the characters upon it, it looks uglier and muddy.

Look at our earth, where it was richly green;
It seemed it needs not cultivation, but didactic bruteness.

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Another strong image, resonant for me. I think of the map-like view from a plane, of the crawling proliferating mould of human occupation that seems to infect its surface. And you are right, it can't be reversed - the marks of our progress are not erased even when we try to do so. Their effect is left behind like the sullying of the pure black of a new blackboard by white chalk, even when it's rubbed off.
very deep iggy. im a shallow person deep down - so i struggle with this sorta poem. it challenges me to think (no bad thing) . good stuff as usual ig.
Yes the blackboard is definitely a tool of which teachers use to teach upon. You choose your words well here Igwe. It is crucial when it comes to our great earth not to take a complacent stand but to voice our opinions strongly and teach the young how very important it is to treat our earth with the greatest of respect. Progress however might have a different view. Excellent work here Igwe, you paint a very important picture.--Melvina--
A thought provoking piece.....
'it seemed it needs not cultivation, but didactic bruteness.' This poem of yours has a smart movement, what I can see on it, is that the first lines works as an imperative, which, creates immediately an image, that will be worked out (maybe even destroyed) in the next lines. That is, for my opinion, a good tecnique on poetry. By the way, the last sentence provokes thinking, re-reading, its irony is delicious. That line is for sure, the best of the poem. :)