Victimized And Poisoned

The beast with feasting eyes...
Devours souls unrelenting.
Time spent repenting are those weak,
For acts of treason not committed...
Quick confessions are admitted.
Just to be released from the stranglehold,
Of leashes and claustrophobic cells!
Their numbers grow.
And laying bared on cold concrete,
With nothing to eat.
Reaching to greet a warm heart still beating!
No can believe,
They have been deceived!
Defeated with those who are held to yell confined.
Patience they've been told to find.
And one by one this beast selects...
From these cages locked!
dining on the next.
As those stand in line,
With victimized and poisoned minds!
Hoping their sacrifices are justified...
And they are not used as devices to lure!
But no one asks questions or is sure...
As long as the beast is pleased,
To treat on them with ease!
They accept this as a deed and endure!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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