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Most people do not know
-what police, media
-in papers and on line
-do to facts and files
-of the courts, prison
-because are in power
- (claiming righteousness)
-they bury many facts
-throw them in trash.

History is dustbin
-of many stories
-of cruel, cruelty
-set deep in the graves
-out of sight, forgotten
-the true stories.

Read report of some car
- "ran over and flipped"
- "…both have died…"

Following the same words:
- "Had records…criminals…"

I do not and did not
-buy it all as informed
-Carla Whyte was Bonnie
-and Dwane was Clyde!

The same is what I know
-of boy-girl in Iran
-they too, were
-killed; riding motorbike.

The boy was a Muslim
-and the girl, Christian
- (Rooted in, the old-old immigrants
-to Julfa, Esfahan; Armenians.)

Like always time flies
-somewhere and after years
-someone will discover
-a heading or topic
-about two partners
-as lovers and friends
-in crimes, travels.
-The two are rebels to
-the order of the day or culture.

In that way will be born
-or "Bonnie-Clyde"
- "Cassidy-Sundance Kid"
-the "Khosrow and Shrin"
-the "Shirin and Farhad"
-and "Leila and Majnoon"

Therefore I,
-a writer-filmmaker
-have chosen Arguedas
-his facts too are changed to
-satisfy the liars; police and CIA
-KGB and others…

Why do we prefer?
-forgetting the truth
-giving life to blues
-and hiding behind them
-lying to ourselves and being fooled
-or lying and fooling the others…


I am lost
-prefer a corner
-where pure is water
-and peeks out from ice
-with designs made by moon
-when haloes in clouds
-love to live with dreams.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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